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{happy earth day giveaway}

I’m a tree hugger at heart.  Truly.  I have  a Bachelor of Science degree in environment and natural resources and spent the first part of my career working in park law enforcement aka Park Ranger.  Carrying a gun, making arrests and riding horses, mountain bikes and boats in lots of beautiful parks across the US.  Protecting our resources and spending my time in the great outdoors.

Dream.  Come.  True.

And so, I carry this love for the environment with me, forever.  And into my sewing business too.  Which is why when I meet people in this industry who are like minded – it just makes me very happy.

Back in 2010, I had the pleasure to meet Jan DiCintio of Daisy Janie at Quilt Market in Houston.  Kindred spirits.  Jan and I chat frequently about kids, health, business and our shared love for the environment.  Jan is an amazing designer who self produces an organic fabric line.  Any chance I can get to support what she does for the love of our earth…I love to do it!

As a sewing pattern designer, it is such a joy when I get to feature amazing fabrics in my projects.  Even more amazing when they are GOTS certified organic fabrics.  It is of no surprise that I have used two of Jan’s latest lines on two of my newest patterns.

Here’s the best part about this fabric and pattern relationship Jan and I have…to celebrate EARTH DAY…we are giving away a fat quarter bundle AND patterns!  We are giving two packages away : one on each of our blogs.

Shades of Grey is such a great line.  I can find a million ways to use this line – if you follow what I do, I’m not shy about color.  Which is why I love pieces like this that balance out those pops of color – I love it to create monochromatic themed projects too!  I used this line on my new pattern, The Date Night Clutch.  Check out the cover photo on my facebook page for another peek at this bag.  Here’s one of our giveaway packages:

Giveaway Package #1: 
– 1 Date Night Clutch pattern
– 1 fat quarter bundle of Shades of Grey
– 1 surprise home dec pattern from Trish
– 1 surprise scrap pack of fabric from Jan

Then Jan came out with Tilly!  Oh, sweet wonderful Tilly!  Hard to resist with great colors that just happen to match just about all of my home decor!  I see new curtains and chair covers in my future with Tilly.  I was super excited to feature Tilly on my newest pattern…and come to think of it – I haven’t even introduced this pattern to all of you yet.

So here is her grand debut (although, she started shipping to stores almost 3 weeks ago) – Always a Bridesmaid Clutch.  Giveaway package 2!

Giveaway Package #2:
– 1 Always a Bridesmaid bag Pattern
– 1 fat quarter bundle of Tilly
– 1 surprise home dec pattern from Trish
– 1 surprise scrap pack of fabric from Jan

Of course, you need not have a wedding or prom in mind to make either of these bags.  They would make great date night bags for dinner out with your favorite guy and being a Mom of a toddler – either bag could also make a super stylish diaper / wipes accessory bag.

The Date Night Clutch comes with a version with a zipper and one with a tabbed magnetic snap closure.  The Always a Bridesmaid bag folds open to create a larger bag, tuck the flap down behind the tie or secure it with a snap and add a lovely fabric flower brooch.

(you can also catch a glimpse of another sweet friend of mine and fav designer, Jennifer Paganelli of Sis Boom whose fabrics are featured on version B of this bag)

How to enter our Happy Earth Day Giveaway

1) One entry, leave me a comment sharing your best every day earth day tip that you and your family live by.

2) Extra entries – like Daisy Janie and Two Peas on Facebook.  Leave a separate comment for each.

 PLUS – Jump over to the Daisy Janie blog and enter there too!

  • Giveway ends on Sunday, 4/22 at midnight EST.
  • 1 winner will be chosen from the Two Peas entrants to win Package #2.
  • Winner will be chosen by a random number generator
  • 1 entry per person. Dupes will be deleted.
  • Open to US & International entries.
  • Fabric not to be resold!
  • Winners will be announced on Monday, 4/23.

(Earth Day is on Sunday, April 22nd!)  Maybe celebrate Earth Day by making up some of Jan’s produce bags (and say no to plastic!).

Our family’s best every day earth day tip :: Compost!  We compost food scraps and recycle most of our waste.  It takes us 4 to 5 weeks to actually fill our garbage can for trash pick up.  Typically, we have one kitchen trash bag per week from our entire house of 5, working to make that even less.  We start with a sink side compost container.  We dump that daily into a larger container off of our back deck.  And then the Gardener (my hubs) rolls that one down to our garden and dumps it onto our compost pile to make garden gold!

With any luck, this giveaway will at the very least teach you a little more about why purchasing products that support sustainability are important.  Be sure you read HERE – all the great things that Jan has shared about why this part of sustainable agriculture is critical in her Growing Organically series.  I could go into all of the science of it – this stuff I roll around in at my day job working at the university in environment and natural resources – but the reality is that our global population is growing and in order to feed the world we need to take care of our soils, our water, our air, our planet.  It’s that simple.  Be good to the planet.  In everything you do.

Happy Earth Day!



  1. Hi
    Our family has two quotes – both from children’s television shows.
    Bob the Builder – Reduce, reuse, recycle (everything that possibly can be is given this treatment.)
    The Octonauts – Explore, Rescue, Protect (again this applies to the environment and everything in it.)
    We love to camp but teach our children to respect nature and the animals and plants that populate the areas we go.

  2. I try to avoid products with excessive packaging. We buy milk in reuseable glass jars, as opposed to recycleable plastic or cardboard.

  3. Earth tip: That can probably be recycled or reused in some way. Check before you toss it in the garbage.

  4. I like you on Facebook

  5. I already liked Jan on Facebook.

  6. kimberlee says:

    One of our earth friendly way of life is buying used clothing. 90% of our clothing comes from handmedowns and resale shops. I do not throw clothes into the landfill, even stained, it all gets repurposed.

  7. kimberlee says:

    FB following Jan and Two Peas.

  8. Tip: water butt, saves water for the garden.

  9. Alexandra Palmer says:

    I live in a small town and everything is close (ish) by…now that it is nice out, I started walking to run all my errands :)

  10. Alexandra Palmer says:

    Liked Daisy Janie

  11. Alexandra Palmer says:

    Liked Two Peas…

  12. Marisa G. says:

    We compost our vegetable scraps, we recycle, and we do not use aerosols if we can help it.

  13. Becky Greene says:

    Open those windows and let the freah air in! Using the Central AC is tempting, but we can usually get by without it. You feel more connected to the outdoors that way, too!

  14. Becky Greene says:

    I like Daisy Janie on Facebook.

  15. Becky Greene says:

    I like Two Peas on Facebook, too. Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. we have a few earthy tips-If its not being used, turn it off at the switch- good for the environment and your pocket. recycle as much as possible- we have a brown bin for food waste, green bin for all recyclables. pass on clothing and toys and donate usable items to the charity shops- all reducing landfill and helping good causes too!

  17. I sewed up grocery bags for shopping so we can stop using plastic bags. It let me clear up some of my fabric stash and they are potentially reusable for a long long time. (I have a friend who makes old Tshirts into grocery bags, but I had already cleaned out my closet before I started the project.)

  18. I like Daisy Janie on Facebook

  19. I’m a new liker of Two peas on facebook:-) thanks for the giveaway

  20. Instead of buying bottled water, we take hard plastic water jugs to a local water supplier. They use a reverse osmosis system, and at 10 cents a gallon, we save money on buying from them than we do if we bought a water filter!

  21. kristin's kraze says:

    OOOOHHHHH you and Daisy Janie together- LOVE it. I love nature as long as i am not stuck in it. Sorry – but i am a big recycler and got my dad to recycle too.

  22. we recycle as much as we can and looking for ways to reuse/repurpose items that would otherwise go in the recycling bin in order to prevent purchasing more items.
    this fabric is beatuiful! And your patterns would be great in our house with 3 teenage daughters! Thanks for the chance to win!

  23. liked Daisy Janie on FB!

  24. I liked Daisy Janie on FB!

  25. I liked Two Peas on FB! Thanks!

  26. I was so excited when my town started recycling. Even more so now that we have single stream recycling! I’ve been working on the kids to think before they throw out, double check that it is not something that we can recycle. Of course, one of the kids wants to keep EVERYTHING because she wants to reuse it for something someday! I have to appreciate the environmentalist in her, it kinda came from me!

  27. Geraldine says:

    Thanks for offering your give away! We use a push-reel mower to cut our grass – it’s quiet, a lot safer than a motorized mower, it has lasted 17 years already, the blade is easy to sharpen, and I get a great workout every time I mow.

  28. We are recycling our garbage and heating our house with pellets made from wood. Thanks for the generous giveaway :o)))

  29. I already liked Jan on FB :o)))

  30. I am now a FB Fan of yours :o)

  31. Earth Tip: We eat locally as much as possible! We have a very large garden and can and freeze a lot of produce to use throughout the year. We use an unheated hoop house in the winter to grow spinach, lettuce, and carrots. We also raise our own chickens for eggs and for meat. My dad raises beef cattle and we split it with our family (in the freezer), and all other meats I source locally. Sounds like a lot of work but really once you establish your sources it is a way of life. Thanks!

  32. Already like two peas on FB!

  33. Just liked Daisy Janie on FB!

  34. Favorite tip – goodness, it’s the basic baking soda – I use it to clean/scrub just about everything!

  35. I’m reading Food Revolution right now, and he says a plant-based diet is best for the environment. Turns out my aversion to a lot of meat is the best earth-friendly tip I could have.

  36. Barbara G says:

    Our kids are grown and gone now, married and live several hours away. We miss them very much and love the opportunity to get together with them. Since they live within an hour and a half of each other and one set has a little one, when Grand Dad and I travel to them, we all come together for a time of love and laughter – oh and food!

  37. we cloth diaper and recycle every day

  38. My tip is to unplug appliances when not using them; this cuts way down in energy use.

  39. We try to just consume less overall and not buy into the pressure to be constantly buying. We try to focus our purchases on local, organic, fair trade, non-packaged, biodegradable or long-lasting and when we no longer want or need something we try out best to pass it on to someone who can use it or recycle it when possible.

  40. Like Jan, we compost all of our organic matter. I also carry a shopping tote with me in my bag/purse always, so I’m not bringing plastic home. Luckily our municipality has a great recycling program so our family of 4 typically produces only one kitchen bag of garbage per week. My main concern now is our one family car and the gas it consumes. We are thinking about trading in our station wagon for a hybrid – test drives coming up soon. Thank you for the special giveaway. I’d live to get my hands on your new pattern and some of Jan’s gorgeous fabric!

  41. We have a bike instead of a second car, and our first car, we’ve converted to LPG. Thanks for the chance to win!

  42. I like Daisy Janie on Facebook.

  43. I like Two Peas on FB!

  44. We do several things for the environment in our house. Where we live we are lucky enough to have our Council provide us with a food scrap bin that goes into our green waste bin and gets made into garden compost for the public parks and gardens around the area.

    We have a low water garden, only having plants that need minimal water.

    I am always trying to upcycle old clothing, and if I can’t use it give it away to local charities who can on sell to the public, or create rags for businesses.

    I’ve also started to shop in op shops again and love finding bargains.

    We try to never through good food out. I have some recipes to use up left over weekly veg if we haven’t used them all up.

  45. I’ve liked Daisy Janie on FB :)

  46. I’ve liked Two Peas on FB too :)

  47. Try and do something every Spring and Fall for the Earth is what our family is doing – this year is making and using some rain barrels.!

  48. We recycle as much as possible, and make cloth bags instead of using plastic ones! We are also in the process of setting up a rain barrel to collect water runoff from our drainpipe to water the garden with!

  49. in ALL things we do, we remember that God created this beautiful Earth…so we should ALWAYS treat it like a beautiful masterpiece… whether we pick up other people’s trash along the way, or use reusable grocery totes, or recycle… let us not ruin HIS beautiful work of art!

  50. I “like” Two Peas on facebook!

  51. I “like” Daisy Janie on facebook as well :)

  52. I make my own fabric market tote. I even make few to distribute to my friends!

  53. Liked booth of you on FB!
    Thanks you^^

  54. Best tip: move to the country. We have an organic vegetable garden and an orchard. We have chickens for our own eggs. We give our fruit and veggie peels and cores to our horse and chickens. No food is wasted in our house. We compost anything else that we can. Stop using chemicals. Baking soda and vinegar do wonders. You can clean your whole house with them, even your clothes and dishes. You can use them for personal hygiene too, like bathing and brushing teeth. Go off the grid as much as possible. We have a wood-burning stove for heat and a well for our water. All of our dishes are hand-washed and most our laundry is line-dried. Buy used whenever possible or even find free stuff. New isn’t necessarily better. And of couse reduce, reuse, and recycle.

  55. Reduce, reuse, recycle. We do all three every day.

  56. I like Daisy Janie on FB.

  57. I just liked Daisy Janie on facebook! 😉

  58. And I like Two Peas on FB. :-)

  59. I just liked Two Peas in a Pod on facebook! 😉

  60. The daily things I do are always having a re-usable cloth bag in my car so I don’t have to get plastic bags when I go shopping and using cloth napkins and towels so we are not wasting paper towels and kleenex. Thanks for highlighting this important issue! :)

  61. My best earth day (every day!) tip is to think carefully about what you purchase/consume and throw away. We make conscious choices to select products with less packaging (and less manufacturing!) and that can be used in more than one way…

  62. And I like you and Daisy Janie on FB, too!

  63. We have a earthworm composter in our kitchen. All our veg scraps go straight into there.


  64. We cloth diaper our little guy, and always try to turn off lights behind us and minimize our water useage.

  65. I ‘like’ Daisy Janie on FB (Rebecca Marie)

  66. I ‘like’ Two Peas on FB (Rebecca Marie)

  67. Mary Mac says:

    Keep all extra lights off. keep hot water use to a minimum.

  68. Kathrynn says:

    We use cloth bags when shopping, especially at the farmer’s market.

  69. We turn lights off when not in the room. We try to conserve water and lower the bill by not leaving it running unnecessarily. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  70. Tammy Mabry says:

    I am a recycler. I just place an extra shopping bag behind my garbage container and throw recycle item in there instead of the trash. No extra effort needed except to drop them off at the recycle site. I am helping the planet and I don’t mind the effort.

  71. Elisabetta says:

    We compost food scraps and recycle most of our waste too! we turn off lights or water if not necessary, we recycle plastic, glass, paper, we don’t use the washing machine in peak hours, we collect rain to water plants, we don’t use any fertilizer cause we use our compost for the garden!

  72. Elisabetta says:

    well it doesn’t link to the earth day, but on this Sunday there’ll be my little grandson’s baptism, I hope this means something!

  73. Michelle H. says:

    I learned about recycle & reuse from my grandmother who grew up in the Depression. I wash out my Ziploc bags and reuse them until they’re not usable anymore. Milk cartons make great freezer containers; wash them out, insert chili, fold over the top and masking tape it down and you have a freezer container! I still use hankies instead of buying Kleenex. The clothes line outside makes the best dryer ever in the summer and your clothes are crisp and smell fantastic. Learn how to sew so you can darn socks, patch holes, alter clothes that may be too short (make shorts or capris!). Newspaper makes the best cleaner for drying windows when washing.

  74. Michelle H. says:

    I like Daisy Jane on Facebook (Michelle Hudak)

  75. Michelle H. says:

    I like Two Peas on Facebook (Michelle Hudak)

  76. We watch our water consumption. I no longer buy bottled water, we use bpa free bottles. I’ve done this myself for many years, but now we do it as a family. We water our lawn twice a week and its just fine. I think some of the extra rain we’ve had helps. Just a small dent, but we try.

  77. I already “like” 3 Peas under Angie Hofmann. Thank you!

  78. I’ve “liked” Daisy Jane on Facebook under Angie Hofmann. Thank you!

  79. Janet Cobb says:

    We recycle everything that we can. I recycle plastic grocery bags by making “plarn” and crocheting tote bags for everyone!

  80. I’m in the UK and we don’t have ‘Earth Day’ but we really should!!
    My family are big recyclers! we reuse as much as we possibly can!

  81. we use cloth diapers! 😀

  82. i like 2 peas on FB

  83. i like daisy janie on fb!

  84. compost compost compost

  85. I always get on to people when they don’t turn lights off when leaving a room. It’s my pet peeve. Also I try to collect rainwater for my plants to help conserve water from the well. I recycle when I can and I do compost, but that’s mostly for my own benefit even though it does help keep stuff out of landfills that shouldn’t be there.

  86. we don’t throw out any food–either the leftovers/scraps go to the dogs/cats outside or to the goats and pigs. Less feed to buy them as well :)

  87. and I like Daisy Janie on Facebook (Fabulous Home Sewn)

  88. I recently started house cleaning with only vinegar, baking soda, and water. No more products that are dangerous to us humans and the family cat.

  89. ikkinlala says:

    I think my best tip is to repair things. I’m always amazed by how many things get thrown out and replaced in the average home, and I’m so glad my parents taught me the skills to repair a lot of them because it saves money as well the environment.

  90. Your composting routine is exactly what we do here at home. Great minds…! We also recylce, use cloth shopping bags, and big tip… turn off the lights! If no one is in the room, that light is off around here. We have lots of nice windows, too, so we open up the blinds and use daylight as much as possible. Ceiling fans are a great energy saver, too. They are inexpensive to use and oftentimes, turning them on and turning your thermostat up a few degrees keeps your home temp how you like it and saves energy.

  91. Rose Marie says:

    For the good health of the earth and for myself I use only glass containers to store leftovers

  92. Walk! It’s healthier for you, good family time and it’s better for the environment.

  93. I Daisy Jane on fb as Tabitha Swain Klucking.

  94. I like Two Peas on fb too!

  95. Anything that can be packed up in a re-useable container, bag, cup, bottle is well used in our house!

  96. I am a new liker on FB :)

  97. And I like Daisy Jane on FB too (Helen Scobie)–that is how I found you 😉

  98. Our earth tip: Recycle everything. Also, my husband and I use a Brita water filter pitcher for drinking water. It keeps us from running the sink forever to get something cold enough to drink (and thereby wasting water).

  99. Marcia W. says:

    Earth Day Tip: Compost. For many many years we have composted all the household organic vegetable waste as well as the non woody yard waste … and then use it for our vegetable and flower gardens.

  100. My favourite in our household is to upcycle our used clothes and sheets. This stops them from going into landfill. I have recently made some potholders out of my husbands jeans and shirts. Denim and plaid go well together! I have also used and old sheet as the ‘middle’ layer when I made a reversable tablecloth (instead of using thick wadding) which means the tablecloth is a 3-layer piece that lays flat and drapes nicely. Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance.

  101. I am a follower of Daiy Janie and have ‘liked’ over on Facebook. Thanks for the chance to win!

  102. I ‘like’ Two Peas’ over on Facebook! Great giveaway and Happy Earth Day.

  103. I shop at thrift stores looking for items my kids can wear or something I can make into clothes for my kids. They wear through their clothes fast enough that I can’t afford to keep up by buying at full price. And when the knees on their pants get worn through or the pants are too short but still fit – I make them into shorts for the summer and then it doesn’t cost anything extra to outfit them for another few months. :)

  104. I already like Two Peas on fb! :)

  105. I already like Daisy Jane on fb! :)

  106. Karrie Smith says:

    We reuse plastic bags from the grocery store over and over, until they fall apart-then we take them back to be recycled

  107. Karrie Smith says:

    I like Two Peas on facebook

  108. Karrie Smith says:

    I like Daisy Janie on facebook

  109. separate waste for recycling, reuse if possible, compost

  110. Words I grew up with – reduce, reuse, recycle

  111. I liked Two Peas in a Pod on FB

  112. I liked Daisy Janie on FB

  113. have one of those bags-in-a-pouch hanging from your purse… that way you have a bag handy at any time! (and turn off lights when you’re out of the room; same for the radio)

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