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{happy earth day giveaway}

datenight clutch

I’m a tree hugger at heart.  Truly.  I have  a Bachelor of Science degree in environment and natural resources and spent the first part of my career working in park law enforcement aka Park Ranger.  Carrying a gun, making arrests and riding horses, mountain bikes and boats in lots of beautiful parks across the US. […]

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The Gardener goes BIG!

You know how boys never seem to outgrow their toys?  Their toys just get bigger? Each year, the gardener (aka my husband), goes out with tiller and tills up the garden at the end of the season, getting it ready for next year.  This year, he and his Uncle decided they needed to expand the […]

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{dirt don’t hurt}

I am often reminded of how close I am to God when I just get close to the soil.  All of that dirt that sustains us.  Nourishes our bodies.  Feeds the roots of the trees that help clean the air we breathe.  Feeds my soul. “Ecological Sustainability” “Live within our means” “Skin of the earth” […]